The workshop will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Theme: “World Heritage and Innovation in Africa”

Proclaimed during the 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, the African World Heritage Day (5th May) is an occasion to celebrate the exceptional cultural and natural heritage of the African continent. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness, particularly among young people, on the need to preserve African heritage’s values, wealth and diversity.

• This year will be the 4th edition of the African World Heritage Day:

(AWHD) Celebrations – 5th May, where all African countries are expected to participate and share their experiences. The structure of the AWHD is built on different components:

1. Regional Youth Forum – 29th April to 3th May~
2. Youth Seminar – 4th May
3. African World Heritage Day celebration – 5th May

5th May celebrations happen throughout Africa aiming to:

• Strengthen involvement, interaction and networking of young people

• Encourage youth ownership of their heritage

• Highlight international cooperation for culture and nature conservation across


• Raise awareness on African heritage preservation

• Encourage cooperation between State Parties

• Broaden the coverage of African World Heritage Day and African World Heritage sites on social media networks


The theme for the 2019 AWHD celebrations is “World Heritage and Innovation in Africa”, including Subthemes:

• The voice of the youth in heritage

Media, a privileged partner for heritage.

New perspectives about African heritage.

Private sector and heritage in Africa.

The official celebrations will include a visit to and workshop at a World Heritage Site. The event will bring together multiple stakeholders (e.g. government officials, international cooperation partners, local youth, and civil society at large). The celebrations will included the presentation of the results of the Youth Forum including the Youth Declaration and many other cultural activities. The AWHD will be preceded by the celebration of World Press Freedom Day, from 1 to 3 May 2019.

Other Elements

  • The format of the WPFD will be spread from 1st to 3rd May.
  • It will encompass the International Jazz Day (30th April – to be celebrated on 1st May within the AWHD structure. 
  • The format of the 3 steps event adopted by AWHF is complemented by a photo-video Instagram contest championed by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre under the hashtag #MyAfricanHeritage

 Prizes are the following:

1st Prize: A 3-6 months internship in the African World Heritage Fund.

2nd Prize: A 3-5 days stay at an African World Heritage Site.

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