25TH APRIL 2019


The stakeholders event will take place at:
Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) in Midrand
Johannesburg (South Africa)

About the event

Since its formation, the Fund has channeled most of its resources towards improving the management of World Heritage Sites (WHS) in Africa hence, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that target to protect the planet, end poverty and ensure prosperity for all, as well as the Africa Union Agenda 2063 “The Africa We Want”. To continue with our mandate, the Fund needs to raise resources to assist in solving the complex conservation challenges facing World Heritage Sites. This goal can be achieved through partnership with the States Parties, Business Leaders and Individuals.


The AWHF will organise on 25th April 2019 at the DBSA premises a Stakeholders Event which will feature the Chairperson of AWHF Mr. Vusumuzi Mkhize. The aim is to strengthen cooperation and relations with AWHF partners and associates by gathering Embassies, Private Sector as well as Government Agencies and other Business Leaders with a view of communicating on the AWHF’s work. The Chairperson will give an address on his portfolio as the Chairperson of the Fund and outline his expectations from partners in the field of heritage.



a. Engage with AWHF’s partners and share the outcome of the work of AWHF over the years as well as relay plans for the upcoming years.
b. Create awareness about World Heritage and how every person can contribute to conservation challenges.


a. AWHF’s work better understood and promoted on various media platforms;
b. AWHF’s partners recognized for their contribution to the Fund;
c. New commitments made in favour of AWHF.


AWHF will drive the process in partnership with:
a. Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa (DAC). DAC will particularly:
Highlight/recognize role and assistance by government so far;
Deliver the keynote address as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees;
Support media coverage through interaction with communication section of AWHF;
Provide any other support as per need, accuracy and means.
b. Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). DBSA will particularly:
Deliver to the audience a message on DBSA’s engagement on African heritage and development;
Support the event by providing venue;
Provide any other assistance as per need, accuracy and means.


a. A guest of honor will be invited to the event.
b. Up to thirty (30) guests including government representatives, members of diplomatic corps, prominent business leaders and key individuals will interact on the purpose of the event.
c. Various media representatives will be invited.

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