In line with the Global Strategy for a credible, balanced and representative World Heritage List, the AWHF has identified modern heritage as one of the marginalised heritage categories that needs attention. Africa’s cities, many of which are themselves products of the twentieth century, face the highest rates of urbanisation in the world over the next half a century. Building on the results of the UNESCO’s Modern Heritage Programme, the AWHF is coordinating a programme for the advancement of the modern heritage of Africa. Together with World Heritage Centre, academic partners on the African continent and abroad, the Advisory Bodies for the World Heritage Convention (ICOMOS, ICCROM, IUCN) and other partners, the AWHF will be supporting a series of workshops and meetings to raise awareness and build capacity amongst key stakeholders on identification, protection and promotion of modern heritage of Africa. The Modern Heritage of Africa (MoHoA) Programme will also focus on harmonisation of Tentative Lists that will highlight the role of modern heritage in the promotion of urban sustainability, in line with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the AU Agenda 2063.

We invite submissions to the International Symposium on the Modern Heritage of Africa. For more information and the call for papers kindly follow the link