The forum will take place at in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia.

About the youth forum

Every year, young people from all over the African continent come together to discuss and debate their involvement in World Heritage management:

• The forums culminate in a series of recommended actions which are highlighted in the “Youth Forum Declarations”.

• These actions take into account experiences and unique perspective of youth as well as the challenges facing young people in protection and promotion of World Heritage.

About 30 young participants are selected between ages 18-28 years old, from different African


• A call for application for the Youth Forum is advertised on all AWHF media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

• In 2019, the Youth Forum will focus on how to build youth skills in media/communication about African heritage.

The Youth Seminar takes place on the 4th of May. The Seminar aims at encouraging young people to increase their role as responsible guardians of World Heritage properties taking into account the present-day issues such as interpretation and presentation of their heritage. This year, the Seminar will constitute a platform for the youth to review the format and structure of the Regional Youth Forums going forward.


To mobilize young people (<35 Years of age) in promotion and preservation of World Heritage in Africa

Create a platform for dialogue, networking & exchange of ideas among youths and experts on promotion & protection of World Heritage in Africa.

Raise awareness among the youths on conservation issues affecting World Heritage properties in Africa.

• To increase the capacity of the youths on World Heritage protection through training.

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