ICCROM and INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia) are pleased to announce the 20th International Course on Stone Conservation – SC17 that will be held in Mexico City and Chicanná (Campeche), Mexico from 9 October to 8 December 2017. The primary goal of the course is to improve the practice of stone conservation internationally by providing participants with a holistic understanding of the decay and deterioration of stone, disseminating effective conservation methodologies, and ensuring a practical understanding of appropriate repair methods and long-term management strategies.

Who can apply?

The course is designed for a maximum of 20 participants and is open to archaeologists, architects, conservator-restorers, conservation scientists, engineers and other professionals involved in stone conservation, preferably with at least five years of practical working experience in the field. During the course, participants will be expected to play an active role through contributing to discussions, exercises, and presentations reflecting their own professional experience. A fee of 900 Euro (approximately 12.500 Rand) will be charged.

How to apply?

Please fill the ICCROM application form (obtainable from ICCROM web site) and send it together with the documents listed below to the following e-mail: stonecourse17@iccrom.org . All the documentation must be submitted in English.

  • A full professional curriculum vitae.
  • A brief report (3-5 pages) answering the following questions: (1)Describe the organization you work for and its role in stone conservation in your own country.  What kinds of stone heritage is your organisation responsible for – built (immovable), collections (moveable), archaeological or other?  Please describe. (2) Describe a conservation project involving stone conservation for which you are or have been actively involved.  Include the appropriate contextual background (objectives, partners, support, etc.), a description of difficulties encountered, and the strategic responses developed. (3) In addition to the project described above, what other case studies might you be able to share during your participation in the course? (4) What do you consider as your major achievement in stone conservation?  Please describe what you did and why it is important to you.

Deadline: Applications must be received by ICCROM by 30 April 2017 to ensure inclusion in the selection process.For more information, click here.