The UNESCO World Heritage Convention is an important international treaty that has for almost 50 years played a major role in expanding heritage legislation worldwide and identifying and promoting the protection of a growing list of the World’s most unique sites – both cultural and natural. Today, however, this instrument is becoming a victim of its own success. OurWorldHeritage seeks to renew the original spirit and mission of the World Heritage Convention, by engaging citizens, civil society groups and professional and academic organizations.

The OurWorldHeritage Sustainability Team, with the motto ““Our Sustainable Heritage: World Heritage conservation as a more sustainable form of development”, has organized an intensive month of debate on Sustainability and Heritage, illustrating the challenges and solutions for integrating heritage and sustainable development, to explore the key concepts of sustainability in World Heritage: People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace. We will explore how development processes can be reconfigured to reflect the contribution of heritage conservation, in a more sustainable form of development grounded in Outstanding Universal Value, managed with transparency, dialogue and understanding.

This session will focus on climate change, one of the most significant risks for World Heritage sites worldwide. There is an urgent need to understand the ways climate threatens various sites and to understand what adaptation strategies if any are appropriate for their conservation. The iconic character of World Heritage sites is an important asset for raising public concern and enthusiasm and, therefore, building up support to take preventive and precautionary measures for adapting to climate change. Furthermore, World Heritage Sites often embody age-old solutions to support climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. This session aims at raising awareness about the impact of climate change on World Heritage and emphasizing the role of culture and heritage in addressing the challenges of climate change and building more locally empowered, just and resilient societies.

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