The AWHF in partnership with ICCROM and the UAE Ministry of Culture & Youth are pleased to announce the 7th African World Heritage Youth Forum under the theme: “Engaging African Youth in Climate Action for World Heritage Conservation

Youth Forum Online Applications

Applications for the 7th African World Heritage Youth Forum should be completed online.

World Heritage and Climate Change

Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to the survival of humans, animals, plant life and ecosystems. It threatens social and economic systems, while putting development gains at risk. No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa. The Africa Union’s Agenda 2063 makes it clear that climate-resilient communities and economies are an integral component of the continental vision for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa.

Climate change has become one of the most significant threats to World Heritage, impacting the Outstanding Universal Values (OUV), including integrity and authenticity, of many properties, as well as the economic and social development and quality of life of communities connected with World Heritage properties. Natural World Heritage properties serve as natural buffers against climate impacts and other disasters, providing space for floodwaters to disperse, stabilizing soil against landslides and blocking storm surges. Cultural World Heritage properties represented by cultural landscapes, historic cities, archaeological sites and vernacular architecture also demonstrate various locally developed strategies for mitigation against climate change through energy efficient built form and sustainable use of local resources (UNESCO 2022).


The Forum aims to empower the youth to develop tools to communicate effectively the impacts of climate change and implications of actions on World Heritage properties to various audiences, including policy makers, civil society, the private sector and local communities with subsequent benefits for conservation and management of World Heritage properties in Africa.

The Forum will comprise three main distinct but interconnected phases. The first phase will result in the development of proposals by participants concerning climate heritage initiatives to improve the state of conservation of World Heritage in Africa. In the second phase, the participants will engage in hands-on activities, group discussions as well as guided visits to a World Heritage site in Arica. The third and last phase of the Forum will consist follow up on implementation of the projects through engagement of various stakeholders and partners.

A way to empower African young generations through World Heritage

Since 2016, as a build-up to the African World Heritage Day, young people (i.e., individuals aged 18 to 35) from all over the African continent come together in the African World Heritage Youth Forum to discuss and debate their involvement in the conservation, management, and promotion of World Heritage.

Mobilizing public and political support for climate action inside and outside World Heritage properties is essential. For this reason, the 7th edition of the African World Heritage Youth Forum will be held under the theme “Engaging African Youth in Climate Action for World Heritage Conservation” with an online phase taking place between 23 – 28 October 2023 followed by in person meeting at an African World Heritage Site between 20th – 24th November 2023.

The 7th edition of the African World Heritage Youth Forum will bring together African young leaders to share their perspectives, experiences, and solutions for addressing the challenges posed by climate change. By empowering the youth to play a leading role in conservation efforts and fostering cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration, the Forum will help to build a strong network of young leaders who are committed to Climate Action and conservation of World Heritage properties for the benefit of present and future generations.

Selection Criteria

Participants for this workshop shall be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. African citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 years old at the time of application;
  2. Minimum of a post-secondary certified training and/or qualification;
  3. Fluency in English (being the working language of the Forum);
  4. Personal attributes: motivated, active and driven individuals interested in World Heritage and Climate Action eager to implement the outcomes of the Forum in their home countries.
  5. Professional attributes:
    • Active leader/champion of Climate Action in Africa;
    • Engaged in conservation and promotion of Africa’s heritage (natural and cultural);
    • Acquainted with and active users of digital medium and platforms of communication such as social media (YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram), websites, blogs, video conferencing (Zoom, MS Teams), etc.
    • The African regional representation and gender balance will be prioritised.


The primary working language will be English.

Application procedure

Each applicant should submit the following application package:

  1. The completed application form online;
  2. Video of statement of interest (45 Seconds);
  3. Curriculum Vitae (maximum 4 pages) outlining the applicant’s current position, qualifications, areas of expertise, work experience in the field of cultural and/or natural heritage including on World Heritage, climate actions, publications/reports, etc.

To apply for the 7th African World Heritage Youth Forum, click on the link below:

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Application Deadline: 29 September 2023.

For any queries regarding the application process, please contact the AWHF Head of Programmes – Dr Albino Jopela on ( cc (